The Mission

The Mission is clear … “Tight lines and Bent Rods” …

Here at Angler’s Creed Ltd., we discover, introduce, and offer to our society of anglers, boaters, and outdoor adventurers a unique value proposition. A selection of innovative, attractive, and provocative outdoor equipment and gear.

Ruled by same passion as you all are, our mission is to contribute into turning the slogan into live, real, and more immersive experience.

So let us introduce to you the latest gem we are proud to exclusively represent for Bulgaria and Greece:

Neptvn PRO 400 – World’s Smartest Boat, made in Italy with passion!

Performance, versatility, durability is just the beginning of Your quest to conquer any water … and this all starts just by opening a bag 85 x 65 x 45 cm in size, where a 4 meters boat is ready to be boarded!

Yeah, we are impressed too! So do not wait, see for yourself here or grab the brochure!

Welcome back!

We can feel how convinced you are that Neptvn PRO 400 is unique boat, so now let us share a secret.

Nature is vital to human existence and preserving it is our core value!

Therefore, we power our Neptvn boat with just an electrical outboard motor. The concept which you already explored is designed so precise that you can achieve spectacular performance with such small power. Premium green boating experience!

Quiet, clean, efficient, no maintenance, cost effective and most importantly environmentally friendly!

Our selection are the Spirit 1.0 EVO and Navy EVO electrical outboard motors by ePropulsion – a global leader and market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems.

Feel invited to book a test drive with us at the contact page to get a taste of the harmony between the Neptvn PRO 400 and this innovative, smart, and compact outboard motor.