The Story

Angler’s Creed was born in the summer of 2021 …

A pair of Anglers had the inspiration to merge their obsession with the sea, fishing, boating, and high-tech innovations, into a vision to share this unique approach with their brotherhood, the Angler’s Creed.

The initial passion is there, on the water … on any water …ocean, sea, lake, dam, or river…

The chase of that ultimate strike, that “hook on” with its adrenaline rush, that fair fight for the trophy or even reminiscence.

To us Angler’s Creed represents community of anglers and boaters with diverse personalities, status, and style of life that bond together in alike challenge and adventure.

Therefor we strive to introduce an exclusive innovative gear as The Neptvn PRO 400, ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO and more … which will enrich our trips and get us close to the trophy!




“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”



“We learn little from victory, much from defeat.”